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Statue of Unity - નગર યાત્રા, નાવલી Statue of Unity - નગર યાત્રા, નાવલી
Statue of Unity - સરદાર સાહેબની પૂજન વિધિ , સરપંચ શ્રીમતી રૂપલબેન નાવલી

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Featured Project

Sri Swaminarayan Temple (BAPS)

Project Type: Shri Pramukh Swami Maharaj

In the village Navli, the temple of Bhagvan Swaminarayan (BAPS) is under Construction Photo Gallery. This temple is building with the help of people of Navli and sorrounding villages Website of the temple. After completion of the temple, there will be a greate ceremony of its inogration. Many saits from BAPS and other will come to celebrate and bless the ceremony. You can visit the website of Swaminarayan BAPS Click here.

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What People Say About Navli

  • Mr H M Dahime - CEO, Be Infotech

    I have been in lots of villages in Anand District. But the co-operation the people of Navli village is almost uncomparable. People of this village are all loving and always ready to help each other.
  • Nilkumar Sharma - General Manager, Accord Inc

    As my close relatives live in Navli, it very frequent I have visited this village. I found the village is very clean, roads are better then other small villages. May I GOD bless the civics of the village and specialy Surpanch and other members of Gram Punchayat.

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